Trilingual 1-on-1 online teaching. Progression Guaranteed.

Designed for children ages 4 - 12, allows children to recognize words 100 times faster while improving pronunciation, reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

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Are you facing these issues with your child?

Inconvenient transportation and timing

Parents have busy work schedules and children have many extracurricular activities that don't allow for extra time to be taken out.

Child's unable to focus on studies

Most of the children have difficulties in concentrating while studying due to their weak foundation and poor comprehension skills.

Tried a lot of tutoring, but it didn't really work.

Even after enrolling in a reputable tuition center, your child's schoolwork still hasn't improved much and you can't find a "breakthrough".

Why choose us?

Progressive teaching

CLASSONE focuses on your child's foundation, and the only way to improve your child's progress is to build a good foundation and make gradual progress.

Save time and money

Online learning saves travel time, allowing children to have more time to study and rest, while also saving parents money.

No worry about distance

No matter where children and parents are located, the CLASSONE meets the learning needs and is no longer limited by distance and time.

Focus On Efficiency

CLASSONE focuses on the quality of learning, and it is important to learn efficiently. 20-25 minutes of efficient learning is better than 2 hours of dull learning.

Flexible schedule

Our system has the flexibility to adjust learning schedules to fit the busy schedules of parents and children.

Regular progress reports

Our teachers will regularly report to parents on their child's progress, helping them to make up for shortcomings while realizing their potential.

10-minute Online Assessment

Word recognition is the most important foundation, and the only way to develop excellent reading and comprehension skills is to learn how to recognize words so that overall academic can be improved. Get your child assessed right away to find out what your child's standards are.

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